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  • Khao Suay

    Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice

  • Khao Kai

    Egg fried rice

  • Khaw Maphraw

    Steamed rice with coconut milk topped with sesame seeds

  • Khao Kratiem

    Garlic rice

  • Sticky Rice

    Glutinous Rice

  • Stir-fried Broccoli with oyster sauce
  • Stir-fried mixed vegs in oyster sauce

Main Courses

Medium Spicy

  • Cashew Nuts

    Stir-fried with cashew nuts, pineapple, capsicum, onions, spring onions, garnished with roasted chilli.

  • Green Curry

    Green curry paste with coconut milk, fresh chillies, green beans, basil, lime leaves & bamboo shoots.

  • Chilli & Lemongrass (Phad Ta Kai)

    Stir-fried with fresh chilli, garlic, onions, lemongrass & basil leaves.

  • Red Curry

    Red curry paste with coconut milk, green beans, basil, fresh chilli, lime leaves & bamboo shoots.

  • Sweet Chilli & Cashew Nuts (Phad Nam Prik Pao)

    Stir-fried with sweet chilli paste, basil leaves, cashew nuts & onions.

  • Panang Curry

    Dry curry cooked in a coconut milk, garnished with lime leaves & fresh chilli.

  • Seabass with Chilli & Thai herbs (Pla Samunphai)

    Deep fried Seabass topped with lemongrass, kra chai, lime leaves, shallot, in a sweet chilli paste.
    (May contain some bones)

  • Seabass with Red Curry Sauce (Pla Choo Chee)

    Deep fried Seabass topped with red curry sauce, lime leaves & garnished with fresh chilli.
    (May contain some bones)

  • Gai Gob Phed

    Stir fried Chicken in battered with chilli, garlic & onions

  • Red curry Chicken with Lychees

    Red curry chicken with Lychees


  • Classic Oyster Sauce

    Stir-fried in oyster sauce with mushroom, onions, capsicum & spring onions.

  • Ginger & Spring Onions

    Stir-fried in soy sauce with ginger, onions, capsicum, mushrooms & spring onions.

  • Sweet & Sour

    Thai style stir-fried with sweet & sour sauce, capsicum, carrots, pineapple, cucumber, tomatoes, onions & spring onions.

  • Massaman Curry

    A traditional massaman curry slowly cooked with onions, capsicum, new potatoes & coconut milk.

  • Seabass With Sweet & Sour Sauce

    Deep-fried Seabass topped with pineapple, onions, cucumber, tomatoes in sweet & sour sauce.

    (May contain some bones).

  • Ped Makam

    Slices of roasted duck fillet coated with flour, topped with tamarind sauce, served on a bed of ice berg lettuce

  • Gai Gob Ton Hom

    Stir fried crispy chicken with spring onion, onion & oyster sauce ( contains wheat flour)

  • Goong Yai Gra Tiem

    Stir Fried Giant Prawns with Garlic & peppers

Very Spicy

  • Stir-Fried Red Curry & Spring Onions (Phad Prik Gaeng)

    Stir-fried  with red curry paste, coconut milk, peppercorns, onions, bamboo shoots, lime leaves, Thai baby aubergines & spring onions.

  • Chilli & Basil (Kha Paow)

    A traditional dish of stir-fried fresh chilli, green beans, onions, and basil leaves.

  • Chilli & Spring Onions (Phad Phed)

    Stir-fried with fresh chilli, onions & spring onions.

  • Chilli & Thai Herbs (Phad Cha)

    Stir-fried with wild ginger (kra-chai), peppercorns, fresh chilli, garlic & basil leaves.

  • Dried Crushed Chilies & Bamboo Shoots (Phad Prik Hang)

    Stir-fried with dried crushed chillies, red chilli, garlic, bamboo shoots & basil leaves.

  • Giant Prawns Chili & Garlic (Goong Yai Phad Phed)

    Stir-fried giant prawns with fresh chilli & garlic topped with coriander.

  • Pla Rad Prik

    Deep fried Sea bass, topped with chilli, onions, garlic and basil leaves. May contain some bones.


  • Phad Thai

    Famous Thai style fried thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg & tamarind sauce served with roasted peanut.

  • Chilli & Basil Noodles (Guay Tiew Phad Kee Mao)

    Spicy stir-fried thick rice noodles with fresh chilli, onions, carrots, spring green, green beans & basil.

  • Soya Noodles (Phad Se Eiew)

    Stir-fried thick rice noodles with egg, carrots, green beans, spring green, sweet dark soy sauce & soy sauce.


  • Traditional Pork Fried Rice

    Fried rice with Pork, tomatoes, onions, spring green, soy sauce & egg.

  • Prawn Fried Rice

    Thai Style egg fried rice with king prawns, capsicum, onions & spring onions flavoured with soy sauce.

  • Pineapple Fried Rice

    Special fried rice with pineapples, chicken & king prawn, egg, capsicum, onions, spring onions.

  • Vegetarian Fried Rice

    Fried rice with onion, carrots, spring green, green beans, broccolis, spring onions soy sauce and egg.


  • Papaya Pok Pok

    Papaya salad with chilli, long bean, tomatoes, lemon juice, palm sugar & fish sauce garnished with peanuts.
    Please specifiy:  Mild, Medium or Spicy

  • Thai Beef Salad

    Char-grilled Beef, thinly sliced with lemon juice, fish sauce & chilli on top of fresh salad

  • Larb Gai Gob (Spicy)

    Chicken in battered with onions, tomatoes, carrots, flake chilli, lemon juice, fish sauce, ground roasted rice & spring onions
    (Contained Flour)

  • Papaya Pok Pok Jay (Vegetarian)

    Papaya salad with chilli, long bean, tomatoes, lemon juicesoy sauce & palm sugar garnished with peanuts.
    * Choose Mild , Medium or very spicy


  • Chilli Oil
  • Fish Sauce With Chili
  • Peanut Sauce
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Chopped Fresh Chilli
  • Hot Chilli sauces (V)

    Flakes Chilli, lemon juice, chopped Red onions, spring onions & soy sauce


  • Tom Yum

    Hot & sour soup (lemon juice, chilli & fish sauce) with mushroom, lime leaves, lemon grass & galangal

  • Tom Kha

    Hot & sour soup (lemon juice, chilli & fish sauce) with coconut milk, mushroom, galangal, lemon grass & lime leaves

  • Seafood Poh Tak

    The tradition mixed seafood soup with lemon juice, fish sauce, chilli, lemon grass & lime leaves


  • Thai Style Prawn Crackers

    Made with potato flour & flavoured with prawns, served with sweet chilli sauce

  • Satay Chicken

    Grilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers served with peanut sauce.

  • Fried Prawns Rolls

    Prawn wrapped in pastry, deep-fried, and served with sweet chilli sauce.
    (4 pieces)

  • Chicken Wings with Garlic & Pepper

    Deep fried chicken wings topped with Garlic & peppers served with sweet chilli sauce.
    (4 pieces)

  • Chicken Wings

    Deep fried chicken wings marinated with sweet dark soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce.
    (4 pieces)

  • Prawn Satay

    Grilled marinated prawns on bamboo skewers served with peanut sauce.
    (5 skewers)

  • Prawn Toast

    Deep fried minced Prawn on toast topped with sesame seeds served with sweet chilli sauce.(Contained Egg)
    (4 pieces)

  • Fried Duck Spring Rolls

    Deep fried shredded duck spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce.
    (4 pieces)

  • Dumplings

    Thai style dumplings (minced pork & shrimp with water chestnut) served with a sweet dark soya sauce.
    (4 pieces) (contained eggs)

  • Thai Style Calamari

    Deep fried Calamari coated with flour, served with sweet chilli sauce & lime wedge.

  • Fish Cake

    Fish paste, red curry paste, lemongrass, garlic, pepper (contained flour) served with sweet chilli sauce.
    (5 pieces)

  • Fried Tofu

    Deep fried bean curd served with sweet chilli dip.

  • Tempura Veg

    Tempura vegetables crispy fried in batter served with sweet chilli dip (contains flour).

  • Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls

    Deep fried vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli dip.
    (Vegetarian) (5 pieces)

  • Goong Choop Pang Tod

    Battered prawns coated in crispy breadcrumbs, served with sweet chilli sauce (contained flour)

  • Goong Pao

    Grilled Prawns served with spicy dipping(Contained Soy)

  • Garlic Mushrooms

    Stir fried mushrooms with garlic & peppers

Allergies: Thai cuisine makes use of gluten, fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce or may contain traces of nuts. If you have any allergies, please inform our staff.